Revival and Homecoming

It was a great week at church (September 7-11). The revivalist was one of our previous pastors, Steve Clark. He had been here at Bellville for at least 12 years or so. Great messages each night along with worship.  Bill and I along with Bro Steve would go out and go door to door in Bellville and one afternoon in Butler looking for people at home we could invite to church. We found some people at home but mostly left information for the people. We had 1 profession of faith -almost 2 but this person isn’t ready yet,but soon I hope.

Homecoming:  Sept 11th.  We had a group here called The Songsters from Mogadore,Ohio. They were great- thankfully they stayed for the afternoon service as well. Had a big meal “on the grounds” in between the morning/afternoon.

A few days after- Bill and I helped out with the Lions Club trailer at the Bellville Street Fair or the “Worlds Fair” they call it sometimes. Didn’t eat any “fair”food tho I was wanting too. Maybe next year.

A little bit calmer this week thankfully- just have a meeting to cover for the Richland Source (  Bellville council meeting. Church/prayer meeting on Wednesday. The rest of the week looks quiet I think???

Trying to get the house cleaned as my mom will be coming here for a visit in about 2 weeks…and hopefully my sister as well!  Might have to borrow a bed or something.. or they will have to share the one bed or one use the couch..


Well, Im gonna wrap this up for now..Will try to do more blogs soon











A little about me…

This is my first post here so bear with me. Not sure how often I will blog. Let me begin with a little about myself. I am 42 and lived in 6 states, currently in Ohio for the last 6years.

Eight years ago, I wasn’t as healthy as I am today.  I started getting sick around March or April of 2008, feet would swell up and such. I,for a while sleep in the spare bedroom we had in the parsonage in Campbellsville,Ky. I had only been married not even 2 years yet. In April, I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me having bronchitis, but it wasn’t getting better. I did bloodwork about a week later at dr’s and he called back to say get to the hospital in Elizabethtown but stop at our office on the way.  My kidneys were shutting down! Dr Bhatti got me started on dialysis by inserting a tube of sorts along my neck.  I was joined by my mom,sis and her hubby plus a few others. I was in the hospital for about a week. Many of the members from our church visited. I did the hemo-dialysis 3 days a week in the center in Campbellsville -near the hospital. I got to know most of the people there. I did that type for a few weeks or so then got a port put in my abdomen so that I could do the peritoneal dialysis. For a lot of the people on dialysis, it is easier on the body- as the other takes out the blood,filters it then puts it back in.  This other, you put in a solution in a cavity and it sits there for  several hrs then you empty then put more in. Got trained on that and then later on, with the machine. I will do 4 treatments a day at the beginning, then when on the machine, it would do 3 during the nite and I would have to do 1 during the day.   Most of my testimony is in my video which i will post here.

  We moved here to Ohio in 2010, when we answered the call for a small church in Bellville,who needed a pastor.  We have been here a little over 6 years now.  We’ve seen ups and downs throughout our lives-wanted to make a clean start.  Came here with 5 cats;now down to 2 of the original ones. we adopted one from the humane society, Casey.

The Lord continues to bless us-  Hope this will bless you as well! More in another post soon!